ChirpOMatic UK, Automatic Bird Song Recognition v2 Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

How to Use Song Sleuth

A walk through the features of Song Sleuth, a mobile app that allows you to automatically identify birds on your iPhone. Download Song Sleuth on the App Store:

Bird Song Id - Automatic Recognition

Bird Song Id is an app by Isoperla that runs on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Visit us at As well as being an audio visual library of birds and their songs and...

Bird Song Id - Issues and Advice

Bird Song Id is a smartphone and tablet app. Visit us at Bird Song Id is now owned by Sunbird Images and no longer supported by Isoperla. It includes an Automatic...

Bird song iPhone apps

iPhone bird song apps are becoming increasingly popular among birders. Birding purists believe the technology is causing stress and confusion to the birds. Others, like bird biologist Dennis...

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